Shock News!!!! Dims Still Believe Pouring Water On A Person’s Face Is Torture!!!! Press Willfully Attempt To Provide Diversion From Dim Failures!!!!

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On a humorous aside, here’s some crack writing by a Fox journalist …….

Zubaydah was held in a secret facility in Thailand, called “detention Site Green” in the report. Early on, with CIA officials believing he had information on an imminent plot, Zubaydah was left isolated for 47 days without questioning, the report says. He wasn’t alone. ………

Indeed, this is a new form of “isolation”. I believe what the author meant was that he wasn’t the only one.

I’m still looking for the information which shows we disemboweled someone or shoved bamboo chutes up people’s fingernail beds, or some such more commonly held views of actual torture.

People, all this is simply an attempt to divert attention away from the Dims’ utter failure to lead this nation. There’s nothing new in this report and it rehashes an old argument in exactly the same way it was argued the…

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