Oil Today —– What Winning Looks Like!!!

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Well, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the oil production of the world and today, I’ve a few links to provide. Most of them deserve a post on their own for deeper discussion and analysis, and each of them contain their own flaws. But, there is an aggregate which we should note. There is no particular order in which to place them, except by the whims of the author — me!!!

I think we should start by validating Suyts from a while back when I wrote about what the Saudis were doing. I should dig up the post, but, time is such a commodity these days. If it becomes controversial, I will, or I trust the readers to do so. At any rate, I said the Saudis were doing a few things by driving the price of oil down. The first, as I recollect, was to attempt to thwart…

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