Melissa Harris-Perry —– Arson And Looting Not Violence!!!!!

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You see, burning down buildings are necessarily acts of violence, right? I’m sure the rioters did a body sweep to ensure no one was in the buildings when they burned them down.

It’s a false comparison. Violence to a business building or a person, there’s a difference?

At one time, I co-owned and operated a bar and grill. If I were asked, and forced to choose between getting punched or let my building burn, I would opt for the punch every time. Yes, that’s hypothetical. In reality, I would have defended my property with most extreme efforts.

But, Perry doesn’t see burning down a business as an act of violence.

I wonder if the employees at that business would see it that way? Twelve businesses burned that night. I wonder, what do people do with the money they make? The employees and employers? Do they pay taxes which feed people?…

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