Leftards Lament New New Republic Owner Doesn’t Want Them To Lose Money

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Someone call a waa-ambulance!!!

For those who may be wondering why I’ve written another post about an obscure magazine no one reads, I’m doing this because I enjoy the leftards’ tears.

If you’ve ever read TNR, then, you, too, are probably enjoying their tears. It is, or was, the epitome of leftarded psuedo-intellectual condescension. The angst against hard-working average Americans oozed from their pages as puss from a festering sore.

Well, as it turns out, no one read the damned thing. The new owner wants them to be a viable medium. Well, they’re crying. They’ve written a statement crying about this. It’s funny.

TNR veterans protest Hughes’ ‘destruction’

Three former editors of The New Republic — Hendrik Hertzberg, Peter Beinart and Andrew Sullivan — have joined more than a dozen of their fellow TNR veterans in protesting the “destruction” of the magazine at the hands of owner Chris Hughes.


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