Heh! I Didn’t Know Someone Wrote A Book On This ……. Nazism Was Indeed Leftist

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So, I’ve got to run, so I’ll keep this short and leave it to the reader to follow the links.

Twitchy has this ….

‘I think he just lost his bowels’: Oliver Willis shouldn’t mess with Jonah Goldberg

Apparently, this was a new critique about a 6 year old book. And, apparently, the book was about placing NAZIs exactly where they should be, on the left.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always considered NAZIs as leftists because they were socialists. And, socialism’s natural and inevitable end is always totalitarianism.

Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, can someone point out any significant distinction? It is where all socialism ends.

At any rate, here is Goldberg’s rebut to some earlier criticism.

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