73 Years Ago ……. A Day Of Infamy

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I pondered about posting this. There’s much to be said about this event, and I can’t adequately do it justice. But, I thought it good just to commemorate this date.

I’ll only retell some things which we all know, already. From Wiki

On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941 America’s naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy, killing 2,403 American military personnel and injuring 1,178 others. The attack sank two U.S. Navy battleships and damaged the five other. It also damaged three cruisers, three destroyers, and one minelayer. Aircraft losses were 188 destroyed and 159 damaged.

Within hours of the attack Canada declared war on Japan, the first Western nation to do so. The following day, the United States declared war on Japan and entered World War II. President Franklin Roosevelt, in a speech to Congress, stated that the bombing of Pearl Harbor…

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