Dims Don’t Even Pretend, Anymore —– Openly Encourage Voter Fraud — Says They Have The DA In Their Pocket!!!!

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The fact that the Dims despise the will of the bourgeois should be no surprise to anyone. They believe they know better than the common person as how best to govern the common person.

That they have no compunction should surprise no one, either. They are a Godless lot which openly booed God in their last presidential platform convention. Lying, cheating, and stealing are only means to an end for these people.

Louisiana Democrat: Vote Multiple Times, You Won’t Be Prosecuted

Who’s up for a fresh addition to the ever-expandingvoter fraud is a Republican mythfile? Democratic officials and campaign operatives have been caught on tape encouraging illegal voting on several occasions in recent election cycles, and anti-voter ID activists have literally cheered a swing-state poll worker who was convicted of the practice. Our latest installment comes to us from the Bayou State and features a…

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