Because They’re Stupid —- Grid At Peril!!!!

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Intel boss’ warning on cyber attacks no joke, say experts

Yeh, no joke, for the people like you and me. It is a joke for the people running this nation.

People are welcome to peruse my writings. Heck, you can start at WUWT.

Before this blog was started, I said, this was wrong. Years ago, I said, “we can’t do this!!!”.

I was in St. Louis, to be part of the idiocy, when they announced this was the direction they would go.

I tried. I screamed. I pointed out the obvious things. I screamed, again.

This was not some well meaning effort, it was an intentional effort to invent a weakness for the US. All of the meetings I was in, I asked, I exclaimed , I shouted, we can’t ensure the safety of our grid if we continue!!!!!!

Well, we’re online, now. …………. please don’t try to guess our…

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