LOL!!! Mother Jones Let’s Some Truth Out!!! Says Your Baby Is A Socialist!!!!

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Oh boy!!! This is going to be a fun one! Be sure to bookmark this page or the linked page to be used in future online debates and discussions!

For those not familiar, Mother Jones is a leftarded rag somewhere left of the Huffington Post. So, they come out with this story …….

Science Says Your Baby Is a Socialist

Psychologist Paul Bloom discusses the moral lives of children.


There’s an audio at the link. But, here are some excerpts …..

At the playground, I watch my 10-month-old son beeline to the center of the sandbox where there is a bright pink shovel. But before he gets there, a rambunctious 2-year-old snatches up the coveted toy first. As my son watches the shovel slip away, a wobbly 14-month-old comes over and offers him a half-chewed cookie. I tear up a bit at this random act of kindness. It’s probably just…

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