Sigh ….. After The American People Told Zero We Didn’t Care About Their Imaginary Global Warming, He Pledges $3 Billion Of Our Money To Fight Global Warming

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So, we had the G20 summit Down Under. What’s the G20 summit, you may ask? It’s where 20 of the world’s largest economies get together and pretend they’re actually doing something worthwhile. Usually, they agree to disagree on things. But, forge a statement document, anyway. It’s suppose to be about economics, but, they include everything.

Yesterday, the climate crazies of Europe and the US forced global warming onto the agenda and Zero pledged $3 billion of our money to some idiotic fund, which people like to pretend it goes toward combating this imaginary problem.

EU, U.S. Force Inclusion Of Climate Change On G20 Agenda Despite Australia’s Protests

BRISBANE, Australia, Nov 16 (Reuters) – The G20 communique will include a significant passage on climate change, EU officials said on Sunday, as the United States and other heavyweight nations override host Australia’s attempts to keep the issue off the formal agenda.

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