Nicely Done!!!! Steve/Tony Makes Twitchy!!!!!

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So, yesterday, I wrote a little post about what and where the climate argument should be.

Team Zero kindly obliged in giving us a place, the content, well, it should, and did take care of itself.

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Steve Goddard @SteveSGoddard


Dear #AskDrH The @EPA says that heatwaves were much worse in the 1930’s Why are you claiming otherwise?

4:21 PM – 13 Nov 2014

Sometimes, when skeptics run out of new things to laugh at/refute from alarmists, they like to argue amongst themselves. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It helps, typically. One can learn. And, one can learn some new argument techniques.

But, today, we get to apply the knowledge and techniques. And, Steve/Tony did, and quite well!

Twitchy has this …..

‘Idiot climate deniers’ invited to question White House’s top scientist at #AskDrH


Cool! The president’s top scientist is taking questions on Twitter? Which one? Bill…

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