What Do Laws Mean If Their Wording Doesn’t Mean What The Words Mean? — Krugman Demonstrating His Stupidity, Again

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Well, I hadn’t intended on posting, tonight. I was going to take Veterans’ Day, off. But, I read a Krugman piece and feel compelled to offer a response to such idiocy.

As many of us know, the Supreme Court has decided to hear a challenge to part of the Obamacare law. This shouldn’t have surprised anyone. They were essentially required to, because they had two competing rulings by two different appellate courts. Covered here, by yours truly.

In that post, I offered the verbiage in part of the law passed, which we commonly know as Obamacare.

This is unambiguous language. However, there is seemingly contradictory language elsewhere in the law. As one of the architects of the law noted, this was intentional.

The law was written in such a way as to confuse the people voting on the law, and, also, to confuse the public. Recall Pelosi’s…

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