The “Bias”? In The Polls? —– Well, Yes, But, No

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So, Repubs won big in the latest mid-term elections. It was a landslide! Even the most optimistic Repub probably couldn’t have predicted the outcome, mostly because every single major polling outfit got it entirely wrong. Sure, some predicted Repubs could win the Senate and most predicted Repubs would retain control of the House, but, none of the were anywhere close to the margin of victory in most races. Not just the Senate races, but the governors, House, and local elections.

Townhall has a “pretty good” piece up.

As Guy noted in his post-election analysis, November 4 was a “tsunami” election for the GOP. Republicans over-performed across the board picking up 7 Senate seats (so far), 2/3 of the governorships, and the largest House majority in 86 years. Oh, and the GOP controls the most state legislatures since 1920.

Pollsters were right that the GOP would retake…

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