So, The EPA Is Taking Argon Off Of The “Approved List Of Inert Gases” To Use In Pesticides …… WTF????

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EPA Puts Inert Argon on List of Banned Pesticide Ingredients

( – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed taking 72 hazardous chemicals off of its approved list of inert ingredients allowed for use in pesticides. (See EPA chemical substances for removal.pdf)

But the inclusion of argon (AR) – a naturally occurring element and the third most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere – has left some people scratching their heads.

According to the Gas Encyclopedia, “the name argon comes from the Greek argos, meaning ‘the lazy one’” because it is so chemically stable.The element, which was discovered in 1894, is “so unreactive” that it is primarily used to provide “an inert atmosphere in which hot metals can be worked.”

This “noble gas” is also used in auto air bags, fluorescent light bulbs, as insulation in double-glazed windows, and for growing semiconductor crystals.

In a May…

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