Goodbye Harry!!!!!

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This should be fun to watch.

Townhall has a story which tells us Repubs have also rolled the state legislatures. Repubs control 70% of the state legislatures in the US.

And, this is cool. But, not exactly what I’m writing about.

As we know, Dims lost control of the Senate, so Harry won’t be Senate majority leader, much longer. With a sane group of people, Dims wouldn’t let Harry be the minority leader, but, they’re not sane, so he’ll probably be the minority leader.

But, Harry is up for re-election in 2016. And, this is what caught my eye in the Townhall article ….

Nowhere did the Republican wave hit more dramatically than in Nevada. Jon Ralston explains:

The Sandoval Sweep was unprecedented. When was the last time the Republicans held all constitutional offices and both houses of the Legislature? Never, say the great folks at the…

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