Let’s All Thank Rob Maness And His Supporters For Sending Louisiana Into A Runoff ……

suyts space


With 92% of the votes in, there’s no way Cassidy can make the magical 50% Louisiana requires to declare a winner. So, we have a run off, which allows Landrieu more time. If even 40% of the Maness voters were to have stayed home, rather than vote for Cassidy, Cassidy would still be likely to have more than 50% of the vote.

Well played, Tea Party people. Even when it was clear Maness couldn’t win, you still spent money and energy trying to tank the Cassidy campaign.

I wonder if there wasn’t a House seat we could have won with such effort and money? Instead, we gave Landrieu another month to re-invent the public’s perception of her. Dumbasses.

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