Election Win Causes Rock And Roll Part 1&2!!!! And A Call To Troll Dims!!!!!

Some MSM reported Obama came off as in a “positive” and “upbeat” manner.

I guess, they don’t know how to spot an arrogant narcissistic ass.

suyts space

So, Repubs won last night, in a very forceful manner. Repubs won the majority in the Senate and increased their majority in the House. Repubs will most likely have 54 seats in the Senate and the most seats in the House since FDR.

There’s plenty to discuss about this election. The people of the this nation directly repudiated Obama and his enablers. There was no central theme Repubs gathered around. Sure, there was talk of repealing Zerocare …. (won’t work with Zero still in office), there was talk of fighting amnesty, economy, and whatnot, but, all of these were issues Obama created. And, the people said, “NO!!!”

Zero said he “heard”, but, I doubt it. I doubt he cares. He’ll go one or two ways. Either he’ll quit and just golf, or he’ll attempt to do as much damage as he can for the remainder of his term. We’ll see.

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