Election Results Page!!!!

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As election night rolls through, I’ll be keeping tabs. I’ll update this post as it happens. I’ll make this a sticky and try to write some other posts as we watch the results. Join us, will you?

First up, McConnell already declared winner!


McConnell Elected in Kentucky

Incumbent Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell scored a decisive moral victory over Democrat challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes and was elected to a sixth term in the Senate.

McConnell faced a challenging primary against Matt Bevin, but emerged victorious with 60.2% of the vote in that race. He maintained a small-yet-consistent lead throughout the election, but surged to his greatest poll numbers in the week prior to Election Day.

This is important because Repubs need to not lose any seats as they try to gain control of the Senate. The margin of victory is astonishing. This bodes well for other tight races such as Kansas…

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