Shock News!!!!! Mother Jones Admits Blacks Can Find Their IDs To Vote!!!!!!!

suyts space


I got a kick out of this. I wonder if Mother Jones understands what a self-pown this is?

As we all know, the leftards are very upset some states have decided to make the people voting prove they’re suppose to be voting. For some idiotic reason, the left believes it’s a good idea to tell Black people they’re not capable enough to be able to get some sort of identification to prove they’re suppose to be voting when they vote.

I always thought this a strange strategy. I think most people, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Purple ….. they want their votes to be untainted by illegal voters. I can’t imagine a regular Joe or Jane, Black or White, Dim or Repub, thinking it’s okay for people casting illegal votes. Black people don’t like an illegal immigrant voting any more than White people do. So when voter ID laws came into…

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