Has The LSM Written Off China’s Economy???

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I found this interesting.

As long-time readers would note, I’ve been a long-term bear on China’s economy. But, I’ve also been critical of the LSM’s obsession with China. They view it wrong. They tend to project current trends into tomorrow without understanding, in economics, nothing is linear ….. few things are. As to China, their economic/political system is incompatible with itself. There’s one of two ways it can go, but, it can’t remain.

I would also note, we’ve long known China lies about their economics. But, in this day and age, lies are harder to maintain. It becomes a game of whether or not the lies are believable.

So, I’ve read a couple of articles …..

China manufacturing growth falls in October

BEIJING (AP) — China’s manufacturing growth declined further in October amid a slowing economy and languishing global demand, according to a survey released Saturday.

The China Federation of…

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