Leftarded Lena Dunham Angry At People’s Reaction To Her Admission To Being A Child Molester —- Taylor Swift Calls Dunham Empowering!!!!

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Good heavens!!!! WTF????

Warning!!!!! Explicit material to follow!!!!

Lena Dunham Verifies Sexually Abusing Sister, Calls Critics ‘Disgusting’

So this lunatic wrote her memoirs ……

This story is all over the interwebs. It’s just another example of the creepy projection leftards have. The things and traits they claim everyone else has, they own to a much higher degree. This is also another example as to how leftists assume privilege to do things they would blow a gasket if others had done the same.

I’ll just excerpt Hot Air …..

National Review’s Kevin Williamson dissected Dunham’s book, detailing her use of rhetorical tricks to avoid directly making an accusation of rape against a former schoolmate, while using “others” to do it for her.

Williamson also highlights what would get anyone from a non-moneyed, non-connected family rightly removed from their home and placed in a facility for troubled children – the gleeful…

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