Wolf Continues To Imperil The Republic —– Issues A Backhanded Endorsement Of Roberts —– Steals Suyts Talking Points!!!!!

suyts space

Just look at this jackass’s FB page …… and what it still contains …..


Hey, dumbass!!!! You’re not running for Senate, anymore!!!! That died months ago!!!!

So, Wolf has now decided to “endorse” Pat Roberts. It’s the worse endorsement I’ve ever seen. My bold.

My fellow patriots, in regards to the United States Senate race in Kansas…
It is no secret that President Barack Obama and Democrats like Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi are destroying the American Dream by crushing individual liberties under the oppressive weight of their unprecedented and unconstitutional government expansion. It is also no secret that too many Republicans, including even some who call themselves conservatives, are seduced by or terrified of the Democrats and have become their enablers.
In this election, you have fought valiantly and honorably for our republic. While so many politicians descend into personal attacks, you instead joined a campaign committed…

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