Watch The Pea, Not The Shell!!!! Oil Prices May Tank To $75/Barrel!!!!

suyts space


I found these numbers just a bit too coincidental.

As we all know, oil prices are dropping like a rock. This is nice for the people at the pump. And, it’s typically a good thing …. well, it still is, but, there may be something more to this.

As people who pay attention know, when the price of oil drops like this, it’s indicative of a bad global economy. And, to be sure, our economies are crap. The lunatics, rather than addressing reality, use a bunch of smoke and mirrors to prevent the rest of the world from seeing and then addressing reality.

Because of the constant re-defining of commonly held notions such as GDP and inflation, it’s difficult to determine exactly where we are in relation to past economic positions. Heck, even with the commonly held notions it was difficult, because everything changes. It’s next to impossible now. So…

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