Timely! Pope —- “No Big Bang Without God”!!!

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I thought this apt, given a recent discussion had on this blog.

Now, for clarity, I’m not Catholic. I’m not invoking the Pope as to say this is the final word, rather, I thought it relevant to the discussion, and it’s an argument which many of us, myself included, have forwarded.


The Big Bang “doesn’t contradict the intervention of a divine Creator, but demands it,”Pope Francis said Monday morning, because the beginning of the world “is not the work of chaos.”

The Pope was addressing the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, gathered in the Vatican to discuss “Evolving Concepts of Nature.”

God is not some sort of wizard, said Francis, but rather “the Creator who brought all things into being.” The origin of the world derives directly “from a supreme Principle of creative love,” he…

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