Sigh …… And Sigh Again …. Warmist Lunatic Brit Energy Minister Claims Government Efforts Have Slowed Global Warming ….. Breitbart Misses Most Obvious Response

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Image found at Breitbart.

It’s stuff like this which causes me to drink to wee hours of the morning. It pisses me off. And, it re-affirms that we need to constantly be checking the rhetoric, propaganda, and the responses …… especially the responses.

So, we see this at Breitbart.


An outstanding headline, to be sure. Any imbecile uttering such stupidity should be ridiculed, mocked, shamed, an drummed out of government. One can easily point out the error of thought with one graph, or bit of information. Let’s see what was actually stated. My bold.

Baroness Sandip Verma, a member of the House of Lords and a minister in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, said global warming has slowed because of measures taken by the government. Verma’s remarks came in response to Viscount Ridley, a Conservative peer who has questioned…

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