Breaking!!!! Global Warming Which Caused The Arctic Not To Melt Over The Last Ten Years Causes Cold Winters!!!! ……. Only In Eurasia

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This is getting beyond ridiculous. When we have a warm winter, the crazies say “see, this is global warming”. Now, if we have a cold winter, the climate crazies say “see, this is global warming”.

There’s a new study out, which, only in the minds of a climate crazy, supposedly demonstrates this whacky phenomena. I’d go through the paper and point out all of the stupidity, but, we’d have to pay for it. This is okay, because there’s enough stupidity in the abstract and heralding article to know this isn’t worth the data bits it’s printed with.

Here’s the abstract ……

Robust Arctic sea-ice influence on the frequent Eurasian cold winters in past decades

severe winters occurred frequently in , 2, despite increasing global- and annual-mean surface air temperatures3. Observations suggest that these cold Eurasian winters could have been instigated by Arctic sea-ice decline2, 4

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