Those Were The Days!!! — Open Thread!

suyts space

This is an old Russian song …. you can tell if you listen. The most popular version is sung by Mary Hopkins. Paul McCartney produced the song. English wasn’t the only version.

This takes me back in many ways, and to many times. I don’t do taverns much, anymore. But, on occasion, I’ll wander into some of my old haunts. Invariably, there’ll be a familiar face, and a warm smile from an cohort, or another.

I’ve got some things to do, but, will be back soon!

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  1. omanuel says:

    Five years after Climategate emails surfaced in November 2009 – with irrefutable evidence of manipulated global temperature data – we are all fatigued from hearing official excuses for fraudulent science and willing to believe that there were better times in the past.

    I heard the original Russian version of this song played over and over at the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry in Moscow on 1980, and I felt sorry for the Russian scientists who dreamed of the good old days before Stalin took control of science in the USSR.

    Regretfully, I now feel the same way about the good old days of honest science in our country.

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