Said The Man Who Has Shifted His Position 3 Times In 3 Years ……. Zero Tries To Revive Debunked Leftard Meme

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I thought this was hilarious.

So, Zero chimed in on the recent supreme court decision to reject gay-marriage appeals from 5 states. (Which is not what this post is about.)

HuffPo and the New Yorker had this …..

Obama: ‘I Think The Equal Protection Clause Does Guarantee Same-Sex Marriage’ In All States

telling The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin he believes same-sex couples in all 50 states should be allowed to marry under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Speaking with Toobin for the Oct. 27 issue of The New Yorker, Obama said the best Supreme Court decision since he took office was the recent rejection of gay marriage appeals from five states, a move the president said is “a consequential and powerful signal of the changes that have taken place in society and that the law is having to catch up.”

While Obama said the high court “was not…

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