Shock News!!!!! Government Lies To Us About Deficit Spending!!!! Media Complicit In The Lies!!!!

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Well, this pisses me off. No, not the news, but, the fact that I procrastinated writing this post, and, well, I was beat to the punch. That Blumer fellow at Newsbusters, and others got this. Still, it’s some information which the people need to read.

The White House is apparently feeling pretty full of itself over the fiscal 2014 federal budget result it has just reported.

Reacting to the news that this year’s deficit was “only” $483.4 billion, White House budget director Shaun Donovan crowed that “This is a return to fiscal normalcy.” The press, of course including Andrew Taylor at the Associated Press, has accepted all of this with little challenge, including the administration’s misleading “percentage of GDP” assertions, which completely ignore how much more the national debt has grown than the reported budget deficits.

Taylor went one step further, blatanty deceiving readers as to how much money the…

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