Fast And Furious ……. Still Haunting US

suyts space


Why won’t our government simply tell us the truth about this?

Well, we all know why.

A few years ago the left concocted a scheme to attempt to strip the citizenry of some of our arms, to be specific, they wanted the weapons they deemed as “assault” weapons.

At the time, there were several “reports” and “studies” stating that the Mexican criminals were getting their weapons from the US. Of course, there was very little real evidence or data proving this was occurring. Most of the weaponry the Mexican cartels use comes from China.

So, the leftards, finding themselves empowered by the trust America placed in them by putting them in office, set out to manufacture the evidence and data, and came up with the plan to do exactly what they were alleging was happening, that is, to provide Mexican criminals with weapons from the US.

All was going swimmingly…

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