Did Texas AG/Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott Read Suyts????

suyts space


Readers may recall the recent post about the city of Houston’s egregious assault on our First Amendment rights, attacking free speech and religious liberties. In it, I called on Texas’ Gov Perry, as presumed presidential hopeful, and AG Abbott, a gubernatorial candidate to act and protect the people of Houston from the government of Houston.

Attorney General Abbott did respond.

Texas Attorney General tells Houston city hall: Stop bullying Christians

That’s the bottom line of a harshly-worded letter written by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to Houston City Attorney David Feldman.

Feldman’s office sent subpoenas to five Houston pastors last month demanding that they turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality and gender identity issues. They also wanted sermons or correspondence that referenced Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor.

The subpoenas were issued in a response to a lawsuit related to Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), also…

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