From The WTF? Department …… Susan Rice, Turkey, Again……

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I can’t pretend to know or understand all of this lunacy, but, I do know and understand some of it.

So, Susan Rice announced Turkey, our NATO ally, had finally agreed to allow us to use our air base in Turkey to bomb the ISIS lunatics. Not so, says Turkey……

Now, mind you, this is a few days after VP Biden said Turkey said some things which Turkey immediately denied and then demanded an apology from Biden ….. and got it.

Meanwhile …..

Now, mind you, this was after it was announced by Turkey, that they agreed to train a few thousand “moderate rebels”, ostensively to fight ISIS.

Of course, it is the Kurds who are currently fighting ISIS on the ground, and now, Turkey is bombing them.

Turkey’s current head-of-state, Erdogan, is a salafist, himself. Turkey will not help against ISIS. But, they will attack the people…

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