Wild Fires, Global Warming, And CO2!!! The Abject Stupidity Of Alarmists!!

suyts space

Alarmists are a bit of fun, and maddening from time to time. Climate lunatics like to bombard people with anecdotes and claim the anecdote de jour indicates a “new normal” or some such stupidity. The fun/maddening thing is the imbeciles jump from one anecdote to another. If there’s a drought somewhere, they pretend this is something new, and claim it’s because of global warming. If there’s a snow storm, the same. A flood somewhere? Well, that’s because of drought/flood, which is caused by warm/cold which is cause by global warming/climate change, which is caused by a molecule in the earth’s atmosphere, which they believe they can measure in toto. They can’t, and haven’t. The reason is, the gas isn’t well mixed in the atmosphere. So, they just pretend it is, and go on with their hyperbole.

But, I digress. As with all their anecdotes de jour, present and past…

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