So, Dims Are Blaming Ebola On The GOP ………..

suyts space

This is a hoot! Personally, I’m glad they brought this up.

Apparently, in some leftard meeting, they decided to counter the obvious government incompetence regarding Ebola on the GOP.

Townhall, and many others have noticed a Dim ad.

Anti-GOP Ad on Ebola: ‘Republican Cuts Kill’

There’s a video of the ad at the link.

It’s fascinating that Dims believe there’s been any cuts to spending. But, that’s not the only angle the Dims are going for. Twitchy showed us this …..

LOL!!!! Ebola because …….. BOOOOSSHHH!!!!!!!! Someone should cue Paul in on the fact that we’ve had a different President for the last six years. I don’t recall Ebola being a threat during the Bush presidency.

But, I’m glad Paul brought up the NIH (National Institute of Health). Here’s some of the things the NIH decided to spend in a priority over things such as Ebola …….

NIH Funds Study…

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