Gems 2014 — October 14 Scripture Selection: Colossians 4

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

October 14 Scripture Selection: Colossians 4

Food for Thought: Col. 4:2

One common theme in the book of Colossians that must not be overlooked is thanksgiving. It appears in every chapter at least once. In addition, the exhortation to give thanks, or examples of people offering sacrifices of thanksgiving to the Lord, can be found in almost every book of the Bible. There is something extremely significant about practicing thanksgiving as an essential part of our daily prayer life. That is because the level of one’s gratitude is often the measure of proximity and depth of a relationship, and that is directly related to one’s faith.

People who are not grateful become bitter and their hearts become hardened, making it impossible for them to hear the Lord and maintain a close relationship with Him. Ungratefulness literally shuts God out of their lives, and that…

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