Damn!!!! These People Are Stupid!! Climate Central!!! ‘More Ice Portends Flooding!!!’

suyts space

This is one of the many things I despise about the lunatics. They make up some idiotic conjecture, accept the said idiotic conjecture as gospel, and then build an elaborate idiotic labyrinth to rationalization as to how the said idiotic conjecture, accepted as gospel, spells our doom.

Climate Central has this ……..

Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice is Flooding ‘Warning Bell’

The title itself points to alarmist stupidity. More ice means there’s less free roaming water. But, the lunatics will explain this, shortly, but, this is where one must watch the shell with the pea under it ……

The spreading sheet of sea ice around Antarctica could be viewed as a napkin being draped over a monstrous water pistol. If, that is, the gelid napkin was a self-assembling machine that could reach beneath itself, aim the squirt gun at the planet’s shorelines, and squeeze the trigger.

Research suggests that the expansion…

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