LMAO @ Salon!!!!! Evil Repub Plot To Expose Incompetence And Indifference OF Dims And Administration!!!


suyts space

GOP’s scheme to frighten America: 4-point plan of Ebola, Secret Service, Border, ISIS


Just look at the meany faces of them Repubs!!!!

Let whoever said the GOP has no message or plan heading into the final weeks of the election season be damned. They have a plan alright. And no, it’s not this cheap strip of single-ply toilet paper that Reince Priebus distributed last week. It is not Reince Priebus’s list of such specific agenda items as “have big economy good” and “more Constitution.” No one — no one — cared about that. The real message, the real plan, is four-pronged, a bit hazy, dumb, yeah, sure, but artistic and masterful all the same.

The . You take any combination of these disparate news events, connect them or don’t as you see fit, and somehow distill your concoction into an argument for why more Republicans should serve in the United…

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