BOOM!!!! How’s Breitbart And The Left Going To Spin This One, Too?!?!?!?!?

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So here, we see a trend with the same poll! Better, we see more certitude in the Roberts supporters than the Orman lemmings.

Again, the fight isn’t over, but, it seems the word is getting out that Orman is just another leftard. And, I think we’re making headway with some of the low info Breitbart crowd, aka the anti-incumbent Tea Party types who would simple call any experienced Repub politician a RINO and the like.

So now, of the 5 polls conducted in October, we have 3 which say Roberts is up, or in a tie with Orman ….. which the same could be said of Orman. However, as mentioned in the previous post, the 3 which have Roberts in a tie or up have larger sampling sizes than the ones of Orman. The one saying a “tie” is the largest.

In other good news, this poll has governor Brownback…

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