Twitchy Discovers It’s Fun To Mock Climatetards!!!!!

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‘ANOTHER WITCH!’ AGW alarmist exposes Twitchy as ‘anti-science bot of some sort

In the past couple of days, Twitchy has published stories about climate Change alarmist Greg Laden’s thin skin over the mere “favoriting” of a Mark Steyn tweet as well as subsequent mockery.

Here’s Laden’s analysis of Twitchy:


Most can guess what happens after that. There are some nice zingers at the link, but, the best was from what started this fun!

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry managed to offend climate change alarmist Greg Laden simply because she “favorited” a tweet from Mark Steyn.

Then, the witch hunting begins!

To that, Steyn chimes in!

Twitchy applauds. I concur, nicely done, Mark!

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