Don’t Hate The Children …… Hate The Parents And Educators

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Unrepentant Convicted Cop-Killer Mumia to Speak at Commencement Ceremony


In 1982, former black panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. He stood over Faulkner after a traffic stop and shot him multiple times, including in the face as he laid dying on the ground. Abu-Jamal never denied the killing during his trial. He, and his supporters, are still unapologetic for Faulkner’s death. The far-Left has turned Abu-Jamal into a hero and so-called political prisoner. He even has a street named after him in France.

Although he still sits in prison carrying out a life-sentence (his death penalty sentence was overturned by the work of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and by President Obama’s former DOJ Civil Rights Division nominee Debo Adegbile in 2011), Abu-Jamal has been invited to give the commencement address for Vermont’s Goddard College this weekend. The worst part? He was handpicked by…

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