Full Blown Stupid Occurs!!!! Euro Economics!!!!!

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I just don’t have much to say on this. The depths of stupidity in the writing and the depravity advocated towards Europeans are beyond my fathom. Things which I see as things which can’t possibly be, are. The entire lack of thought is something I simply don’t understand. Sure, if one isn’t writing about it, one can easily not think about it, but, one, indeed, many are writing this stupidity and they continue to delve deeper in their stupidity. It seems they have a contest as to who can go the deepest into stupidity.

As we know, the Eurozone is having a horrible economic struggle. The reasons are many, and many of the reasons are obvious. I won’t go into them, because I’m tired of pointing out obvious truths to people who will never listen. So, I’ll just post and then comment a little..

ECB under pressure as inflation falls…

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