Yeh, No Reason To Secure Our Borders And Actually Track People In The US ……. Ebola

suyts space


CDC identifies first case on US soil

Every person who opposes secured borders and much closer scrutiny of foreigners in our country are a threat to this nation, and are working, either intentionally, or through some misguided concept, to harm the people of this nation.

It’s past time for people to start calling the pinheads out, and making them explain why introducing diseases such as Ebola to the American public is a good thing, or, that their cause is more important than the health and lives of the American people.

Make them explain why America should have to accept human traffickers, make them explain why America must accept drug mules. Make them explain why cheap labor is so necessary as to allow terrorists to walk into this nation undetected. Be it Dim or Repub, make these assholes explain why Americans must accept these things.

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