Claim: Cause of California drought linked to climate change – not one mention of ENSO or El Niño

Watts Up With That?

More despicable climate hype from Noah Diffenbaugh (press release follows) who is ignoring the obvious: California has had far worse droughts before “global warming” was a glimmer in a scientist’s eye, and these were driven by changes in weather patterns that happened long before CO2 became an issue. For example the worst drought of the past century doesn’t even make the top ten. And as this graph shows, our current California drought is but a blip in the larger historical scheme of things:

California_drought_timelineUPDATE: WUWT reader Jimbo adds in comments that the models are about a 50/50 split over wetter/drier:

To more directly address the question of whether climate change played a role in the probability of the 2013 event, the team collaborated with scientist Bala Rajaratnam, also of Stanford.

Rajaratnam applied advanced statistical techniques to a large suite of climate model simulations.

It’s called the weather and…

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