Oh, Yes, Obeidallah, Muslims Are Real Side Splitters …… MHP Dismisses Nolen’s Religion As Obeidallah Claims “Muslims Are Hilarious”

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I don’t know which is worse. The adamant dismissal by the left of the notion that Nolen’s religion had anything to do with his murderous beheading of an innocent person, or the fact that they brought comedians on the show to discuss this event.

What a bunch of scumbags.

Last week, an Oklahoma man, who recently converted to Islam, went on a violent stabbing spree at his former workplace, including beheading a coworker, but MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry was quick to dismiss his religion as being a factor in the killing. Appearing on her self-titled show on Saturday morning, Harris-Perry insisted that “it is a story that I read as a workplace violence story” and then proceeded to condemn any references to his Islamic faith when discussing the crime.

The segment featured two controversial Muslim comics, Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad, both of whom did their best to dismiss the murderer…

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