Yes, You Idiot Children, You Love The Horrid Education You’re Getting

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Colorado Students Strip in Mass Protest Provoked by Teachers’ Union

The children, at the request of the teacher’s union, insist they need to be taught an anti-American leftist view of history, rather than just history.

Thousands of students from high schools in suburban Denver have walked out of school this week to protest, some stripping off their clothes and writing protest slogans on their bodies, to oppose what their teachers have told them is a proposed American History curriculum that will teach patriotism and citizenship and deny them the opportunity for civil disobedience, reports the Daily Mail. ….

…… Teachers’ unions are reportedly threatened by the fact that the Douglas County Board of Education decided not to renegotiate its teachers’ union contract and is now making individual contracts with teachers. With the election of similar reform-minded individuals to the Jefferson County Board of Education (JeffCo), and the adoption of…

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