Thanks, Tea Party Dumb SOBs …… You Morons Are Going To Cost Us The Republic

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Now, typically, I would be calling for unity against a common enemy.

Orman, while pretending to be an independent, is, was, and always will be, a leftard. He’ll caucus with the Dims if he gets elected. This was well known even when Wolfe was losing to Roberts, as he was assured to do.

The thing is, the Tea Party rank and file in Kansas got played. And the people playing them all but told them they were playing them. Heck, I told them they were getting played! And, I’m one of the most ardent supporters of the ideas the TEA party types hold.

But, the stupid SOBs refused to listen, and now, here we are. To the idiots who are part of the TEA party, but, too stupid to be a conservative, please get out! You’re not smart enough to be a true conservative. You are being played and will…

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