A Member Of The US Senate Up For Re-Election In Louisiana

suyts space


No, it’s not photo-shopped. This is a pic of Dim Senator Mary Landrieu before a LSU football game. She had this to say ….

Yes, US Senators helping college kids binge drink is the way she rolls. Keg stands are sooooo kewl!!!!!

I would hope the fine people of Louisiana can find a more responsible adult to send to the US Senate, to enact laws with effect all Americans.

Look, I’m a drinker, and make no apologies for it. And, I once was a college kid who beer bonged. If keg stands are what the college “kids” are doing, then, well, that’s what they’re doing. Hopefully, most will learn before they die of alcohol poisoning, or, killing someone else in a fit of poor decision making after getting entirely bombed by drinking so much in such a small period of time.

In this instance, apparently, the college kid was 28…

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