LOL!!!! Climate Nutters Fully Expose Their Lunacy Today!!!!!

suyts space


Yep, prolly our very next hurricane will be blamed on too many prisons.


Now, this is interesting. We all know climate nutters are just watermelons ….. green on the outside, all red and commie on the inside. I assume these people believe the consumption caused by capitalism is what they blame their imaginary climate problem on.

And, it is also true, communism will decrease consumption. But, it only does so because it’s a failed economic model. If the laws of economics didn’t come into play, and communism wasn’t a failed model, then communism or socialism wouldn’t decrease consumption, it would only make everyone’s consumption the same. But, it does fail, every time, so people live in abject poverty in communist nations …… well, except for the very few party bosses.

As pure usual, the climate nutters also demonstrate their real regard for our planet and environment…… that is to say…

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