OTOH ….. Sometimes, There Are No Differences Between Repub And Dim … House Votes To Arm “Moderate” Militants

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House Keeps Government Open, Arms Syrian Rebels

The continuing resolution to fund the government through December 11thpassed easily in the House of Representatives this evening with a vote of 319-108 and is now headed to the Senate. Per Fox News’ Chad Pergram, 53 Republicans and 55 Democrats voted down the measure, .

I despise this sort of madness. Continuing the funding of our government has nothing to do with arming “moderate” militants. But, there we go, tying the both together. So, if one votes against the measure, people will say they voted against funding the government.

But, it’s idiot Repubs who did this.

Why are we pretending that we didn’t already arm “moderate” militants to fight Assad? We absolutely did. And, this is where ISIS got their weapons.

But, just to be clear on this

In my lifetime, this has been proven over and over again. Since even…

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