Note To Neil Bush …… STFU. It IS What It IS ….. One Of Your Subsidiaries Helps Hamas

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So, Fox has this …..

WASHINGTON – It’s not personal. It’s politics.

That’s the takeaway after Georgia GOP Senate nominee David Perdue’s camp aired ads claiming a foundation once led by his Democratic rival Michelle Nunn — but also founded by President George H.W. Bush — gave money to organizations linked to terrorists.


The ad has triggered a feud of sorts between the Perdue camp and Bush’s son, Neil Bush, who currently is chairman of the Points of Light Foundation, the group besmirched in the ad. The younger Bush called the allegations “ridiculous” in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“It really makes my blood boil to think that someone would make that kind of an allegation, whether it’s an independent political group or a candidate for office,” he told the paper. “Anyone who makes the claim needs to understand the facts and then they need to denounce…

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